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When I lived in Melbourne I was a member of a very large shooting club and as much as I enjoyed it I never got the sense of being so involved as I do with the Redcliffe City Clay Target Club.

Our committee is small but all members are involved in some way or another and particularly on competition days. We are all just one big extended family with everyone chipping in and helping, sharing a few laughs and good company. There are many however who take their competitions seriously and so no love is lost as we all compete against one another but all that is forgotten as we stand around the lunch time BBQ.
Kerry -  Avid shooter
My greatest fear facing retirement was how I would spend my time and make new friends as most of my friendships were through work.

The Redcliffe Clay Target Club was perfect - easily accessible on the north side of Brisbane presented no problems and I found that there was a great family atmosphere. In fact my wife sometimes comes out and joins me to catch up with the other members and their wives and husbands. The people are friendly and the thrill of competition excites me.
Gary -  Recently Retired
I was looking for something different that would get me out of the house and the opportunity to meet new people. A recent article in the local paper about the Redcliffe Clay Target Shooting Club aroused my interest as I had once tried it in England whilst there on holidays so I thought why not.

The people were all very easy going and I soon discovered came from all walks of life but shared this common interest in shooting at spinning clay discs. My first day was a bit overwhelming but the members took time to show me the ropes and explain what clay target shooting was really about. I got hooked and came back the very next week and immediately set out to get my licence and not soon after my own shotgun. I now look forward to getting down on the range with everyone and having an enjoyable day.
Peter -  New Member