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Our grounds allow us to cater for different disciplines to try which include: Trap, Ball Trap, 5 Stand and Sporting Clays. Each disciplinevaries in its approach and delivery of targets to give a choice and different experience with Clay Target Shooting. 

Clay Target Shooting TRAP

Trap - (DTL)

Trap, also known as Down the Line (DTL) is one of the most popular clay target disciplines shot in Australia.  Trap targets are launched from a trap house which houses a single trap machine with the shooters positioned fifteen meters behind the throwing arm of the trap. On the call of the shooter, the trap releases a single target that is released away from the shooter and at random left to right angles.

Trap competitions can take the form of “Double Barrel” where the shooter is permitted two shots at a single target, “Single Barrel”, where one shot only is permitted at the target,  “Continental”, where the elevation is varied as well as the left to right angles and Double Rise, where two targets are released simultaneously

Ball Trap

The layout is similar to Trap, where the shooters stand 15 meters (in an Arc) from the trap; however, the roof of the trap house is at ground level.

The distance and angles at which the target is thrown is different to Trap with the target travelling 76 meters +or- 1 meter. Heights vary between 1 meter and 3.5meters at 10 meters from the trap house. The targets are thrown in a 90 degree arc but with greater target speeds and angles than DTL.

Ball Trap challenges all shooters’ abilities. 


Clay Target Shooting TRAP

5 Stand and Sporting

5 Stand is shot from 5 stations and consists of 25 targets. Shooters stand in a cage designed to limit gun movement and targets are thrown from 5 traps.

5 targets are presented at each station in a number of different presentations. Typical target presentations include crossing, incoming, and outgoing targets. The combinations change at each station

Sporting has number of stations placed throughout the club grounds. Each station presents a number of targets and could be singles, doubles or report pairs.

Different types of targets are used including;

Standard, Midi, Mini, Battue and Rabbit.